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Equestrian sport enjoys an ever-growing number of enthusiasts and is developing rapidly. Emmers is on top of trends, developments and product innovation. The 2011/2012-winter season is defined by a number of new trends. When it comes to your horse’s comfort, rugs fit and stay in place even better and soft or stretch lining of the shoulder area prevents rubbing.

Our new collection of bits is even more anatomically shaped, ensuring additional comfort for your pony or horse and a better connection.

Apart from the well-known winter boots the Ariat VOLANT is this year’s premiere at Emmers. This extra comfortable high tech riding boot is suitable for all weather conditions. They match perfectly with our support socks with extra soft footbed, enabling you to slip into your boots easily and preventing swollen legs and feet.

This winter season we add an extra choice of first-class saddles to our collection. Albion introduces a new type of high-quality dressage saddle available in our shop. We can even deliver a completely tailor-made saddle by County, one of the top labels in saddles. It’s the ultimate comfort for you and your horse!

With over 500 saddles permanently in stock, Emmers has a saddle for every horse and every rider. Saddle exchange is also possible. If you trade a saddle when buying a new one you add to an appealing collection of used saddles for co-riders.