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Emmers Ruitersport
Bernard Kempplein 23
GPS adres:  Bosstraat 26
B-3930 Hamont - Belgie

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Want to make sure a product is available or in stock before you visit our shop?

Please phone us at +32 (0)11 66 47 73 or send us an email on and we can tell you right away.

Saddles & Tack

Emmers is also your one-stop shop for stable and yard, grooming and care, fencing, supplements, trimmers et cetera.

Our experienced staff is stand-by for instant expert advice on our wide range of bits. At Emmers’ you also find everything you need to match your saddle, such as saddlepads, halfpads, girths and fitting accessories for ill-fitting saddles. If you desire, all saddlery can be equipped with your yard colours, club logo or company initials.

Emmers offers you a comprehensive range of equestrian products. Our expert staff is experienced and always geared up for some good advice. We deliver tailor-made clothing, boots and of course saddles. You can have us stuff your saddle while you enjoy a nice cup of coffee in our shop. Our saddle maker and leather repairman are present on a daily basis, so we can offer you the shortest of repair times. Feel free to contact us for more information.