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Emmers Ruitersport
Bernard Kempplein 23
GPS adres:  Bosstraat 26
B-3930 Hamont - Belgie

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Passion For Horses

Emmers is about passion for horses. Our staff is all passionate about horses. They ride themselves or have children that are active in pony competitions. As a young girl, Chris Emmers was an enthusiastic rider of dressage and show jumping competitions. She spent every free moment on the back of her horse.

Chris: “Passion for horses is a lifetime passion. I enjoy the sight of a magnificent horse so much and the synergy between man and horse never ceases to move me. I bring this passion into my work as well. My goal is to have only satisfied customers leave our shop every day. It pleases me to be of service to a customer, to answer a question or to contribute to the solution of a problem as much as I can.”

“Unfortunately, horses are sometimes faced with a saddle that doesn’t fit, interfering with their movements and of course reducing their well-being. This is one of the reasons I have specialised in saddles over the years. I often run into real challenges in my saddle fitting practice, luckily I am almost always able to help out the horse and its rider. People are often truly grateful. They let me know afterwards how much their horse has improved owing to my help. That is so rewarding. My work is all about investing in a pleasant long-term relationship with my customers!”