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Emmers Ruitersport
Bernard Kempplein 23
GPS adres:  Bosstraat 26
B-3930 Hamont - Belgie

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Grooming & Care

Everything you need in the area of grooming your horse you find at Emmers Ruitersport. In our region and beyond we are the biggest equestrian supplies specialist, with a huge comprehensive collection. We sell everything related to grooming, horse care and supplements, from brushes to fly repellent sprays, coat care, skin therapy for problematic skin, protective lotions, shampoos, wound care, hoof care, clipping devices, et cetera. Apart from these basics you’ll of course also find horse treats, stable and box toys, licks and feedroom accessories.

Your tack and riding gear deserve your regular attention. They are often used intensively and are exposed to moist, warmth, rain, sweat, dirt, et cetera. At Emmers Ruitersport you find all you need to keep your tack and riding gear in tiptop shape: cleaning lotions, leather oil, shoe creams, et cetera.