New collection

We've put a wonderful collection together for you to enjoy at Emmers Equestrian Shop. All our customers are familiar with Emmers' desire to be the leader in the newest trends and developments. Therefore it's our first priority to be the best in what we do, which's making sure you find everything you need!

We have lots of riding breeches and clothing for you as a rider but we surely didn't forgot about your horse. Come and check out the countless equipment from saddles to bandages in all colors for your bestfriend. 

Or not so into the equestrianworld but more preference for just the luxuous style?
No problem! Don’t miss out our fabulous lifestyle collection which has many luxurious brands, such as Parajumpers and Goldbergh.

Our continuously new collections invite you to come and have a look in our shop, rider or no rider. 

We’re happy to welcome you!